Populeux_Music’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

NOTAM: please set your flight plans to the airport when doing pattern work so the arrival numbers can increase

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am practicing my ATC skills and want to invite you to visit my airport when I’m open. Your feedback would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for visiting.


@ N/A training server

Open frequencies Tower/Ground

(If someone wants to help me puts the planes in order and allow pattern traffic to flow better you are more than welcome to take Departure and Approach frequencies

I am currently CLOSED

Tower & Ground will open @ 2020-02-29T03:55:00Z

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Hey mate, I just adjusted the title for you. I would like to point out, the tracking thread stuff is different to a coordinated event. You don’t have times where people must spawn, instead you tell people what ATC skills you want to go into and let them fly around semi-freely under your control.

I recommend you review the following thread aswell;

A quote from that topic could also come in handy here.

Closed early @ 2020-02-29T04:30:00Z. Thank you for those who joined

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Hey, I would recommend watching some of the ATC tutorials on youtube.



  • No need to tell me to taxi before I request
  • In your taxi instruction you told me to “contact tower when ready”. You did not need to give a message telling me to contact tower.
  • You told me to turn base which was not needed. A case when you would use extend downwind, i’ll call your base, or turn base would be when you need to make space for a departure or on intersecting runways to ensure spacing.
  • When I requested a change to Runway 26R you told me to “enter left base 26R”. You should have told me to enter left or right downwind for 26R.
  • After I announced I was on left downwind 26R full stop, you cleared me for the option but you should have just cleared me for landing as I said I was on “full stop”. (Like Taipei said either works)

After you cleared me for takeoff you told me “make left traffic” then you told me to enter right base 8R and when I was about to turn final for 8R you instructed me to enter left downwind 26L. This was a little confusing to me.

If you have any questions feel free to message.

Thanks for the ATC!

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Helpful feedback, thanks! My plan was to get you on the bottom right side or 08R so then I could say enter left base 26L so then you would turn left on the right side on 08R then left onto 26L. But now I see I can just say extend downwind to bring the aircraft to the 26L side then clear it for the option. Okay thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!


Ehh. Option works as it includes full stop, so it doesn’t really matter which one you clear for. Clearing them to land is fine, but you’re not wrong either way. :)


Ohhhh I thought he said touch and go…

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I am tower at KLAX please come

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No. No. No.

Just to clarify, you cleared me for takeoff from runway 26R and told me to make left traffic.

By telling me to make left traffic I will enter a left traffic pattern for the runway I took off from. In this case 26R

The only instruction needed by ATC is if they need to change my runway, to sequence me, or to make room/spacing for other traffic.

If you wanted to change my runway to 26L you would say enter left downwind 26L and sequence if needed. Then clear me and tell me which traffic to make.

Sorry if I confused you.

OHHHHHH ok that makes more sense


I wasn’t doing it part of the thread just was saying that I got into KLAX which I just ended


Open at LMPA.

NOTAM: set your flight plans to the airport and no large aircraft allowed, only small planes A320/737 and below

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Join! I am open

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Closed due to inactivity

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OPEN @ KHHR for one hour. Please join and help me practice

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Please ping me if you are comming

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Closed due to inactive

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Please come and fly. Pattern work allowed

NOTAM: 25L & R for landing and departures
07L & R are closed

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