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What happened to the members of ATC, there used to be ATC at quite a lot of airports and all facilities were filled, these days it seems to be quite quiet. Did everyone take a break or Is it the new system?
Just curious :)


I believe the ATC at Airports is quite selective; so usually it is quite random controlling. In Training Server, mostly there would be ATC controlling EGLL, KLAX & KJFK.

Otherwise the IFATC tries to cover most airports. They do give off a very professional atmosphere in the Expert Server!


Every ATC member has a life, but most of the members have a busy life: school, work, university, flying, a lot of things. The summer is coming, and people are traveling to different cities, countries, and so many places, which it makes their time limited. So that’s what should you expect ;)

But keep an eye when on vacation: some people may stay at home cuz the pandemic, and they may control a lot.

This is my opinion. Hope this helps :)


Hey there!
If you are referring to IFATC members (Expert Server ATC), you might see that there are less airports staffed somedays, specially during the busy week days. However, stats show that we provide services to a large list of airports, so I wouldn’t consider that ATC services are “quite quiet”, but the traffic is spreading in a larger amount of airports around the world.


If you’d like to plan a flight in advance, make sure to check the region you’re interested Tracking Topic, where controllers may announce their openings in advance.


Thank you for this :)

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Thank you!

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