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Hello! I am on Grade 2 And planning to do a lot of flights-but I am trying to find which server has more players-but which server has more players?
It’s just a question because I like being in areas with a lot of traffic-thanks!

Edit: thanks everyone! I have another question-which is more popular?
Training Server?
Casual Server?

Thanks for answering!


Hello and welcome to the IFC! The expert server is the most popular server with high traffic in controlled areas and at controlled airports due to the ever professional IFATC presence. Can’t wait to see you on the ES soon as you make grade 3! Might want to take a look at this before coming into the ES and watching IF tutorials if you need to and keep an eye out for the weekly ATC schedule to know where most of the traffic will be concentrated

Feel free to PM me with any questions

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The ATC schedule is normally the area of expert most busy that day, you can find the schedule pinned globaly on the latest page. Expert server has the most players and on days like FNF it can hold about 60% of all players! If you have anymore questions you are more than welcome to PM me! Cheers

Cign :)

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In this case the training server. The TSATC is also a team of volunteers dedicated to changing the negative views of the training server. You’ll always find heavy traffic at EGLL/KLAX but if you’re looking for realism I don’t suggest you go anywhere near those two haha

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