Popular Server to play on.

I was just wondering witch server does people tend to play more on and is there a huge difference between training and expert server.

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Probably most people fly on training server and on expert there is a little more profesionalism and better ATC…

It depends what your looking for:

If your looking for realism go for the expert server

If not and you want it to be more casual then just go to the TS

I don’t think the servers tend to get more traffic then the other…

Training server and expert server are both different kinds of servers for sure. Expert server has professional trained controllers (IFATC) that have the power to ghost users not following up with the server name, expert server as training server has atc open to the public to practice. IFATC ghosts aircraft that are not following instructions or violating a rule to maintain the title of the server name, expert server. On the description of the server it states “expert server is reserved for serious users only.” I’d say both servers are extremely busy though. During a busy FNF, the expert server is filled with hundreds of pilots. Training server on the other hand is very busy as well for pilots who want to practice or cannot access the expert server.

I’d say an ATC schedule airport on Expert. Especially the Friday Night Flights.

Definitely Expert Server Because it’s more realistic

The big plus of the expert server is the ATC service by trained and approved controllers. We get a schedule at the beginning of each week and there’s always traffic at the featured airports. That way you’ll discover many many beautiful and interesting places.

If you want realism, Expert.

If you want KLAX, Training.


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