Popular airports on TS with IFATC support and supervision

Now I’ll say not all pilots / users of INFINITE FLIGHT know what they are doin mostly thinking they know best or to land quicker and to hell it everyone else’s experience myself and a large majority of users following a poll showed that much effort is either lost or wasted due to PILOTS and "inprop " controllers trying to take over .

I ask everyone of you reading this to ask yourself how much do you actually know and how often you use the TS1 and ignore correct and proper instructions… on ES THIS IS QUICKLY PUNISHED :)
FOR GOOD REASON ts1 is different

If you answer yes to the second question then answer this why use the ts1 in the first place clearly you have little knowledge of aviation and show poor eticate for improvement and learning

I suffer the same thing with being politically correct but we’re all human. Life is learning please the tutorials and read me files available for IF give great insight. but I feel a bigger push is needed ts1 stands for TRAINING SERVER you must want to learn the proper way of aviation operations for it to be of any appeal surely by its very nature

In all my years I never know a pilot that’s gone the distance . That couldn’t adapt learn and prevalent to all maintain the disciplines and responsibility that flying aircraft bring a human being for the benefits of all of us be patient and considerate at all Times in not a race to takeoff…its a race of endurance and skill


be it
Show it
See it
Be a team out there .

Zero I’s in TEAM

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Training server with expert level ATCs? I believe that’s what the ATCEG is for.


Yes yes but we on my have a limited amount of members and or pilots

I’m saying at places like KJFK egll eddf eham KLAX KSFO act IFATC moderators/officers could hopefully be present and discipline as need pilots and have constant contact with the controllers via ATCEG means for guidance if needed

Do you mean they could discipline the other ATC who try to fool around? If so then I don’t think that is possible. 🤷‍♂️

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Even if there is IFATC TS1 is still full of uneducated or immature pilots so it’s not a good fit for IFATC to just ghost a lot of fools


Why not then fools would be on casual where those who are beginners belong

Because grade doesn’t determine skill or if they are a troll or not. They could be a grade 5 and still be a troll.


Look,Casusal doesn’t offer as many benefits for TS
TS1 has more traffic and has ATC.Most beginners would jump into TS1 ASAP

E actlyexactly and that’s what’s wrong with it violations determine more than rank why how Idk but having a rogue training server is just silly

Ok if u want to continue this conversation PM me or someone else
We are getting off topic

Simply taking away resources (IFATC) from Expert and putting them on Expert for a more professional experience and better moderation is not the optimal solution to end the chaos that is going down on TS.

If a IFATC or Mod were to control a airspace, let’s say a Classic Bravo like EGLL or KLAX, you’d see it empty by the end of the day, everyone would be ghosted and sent to Casual then, i guess, so there you go, only a mere 10% or less would survive.

Trust me, i go on to TS sometimes to do Touch n Goes, just in the hope that people are learning and becoming better at flying, but oh boy, 1 minut in and i switch to Casual for a more peaceful time to rack up my landings. TS is TS, for a reason, and having strict supervision from IFATC isn’t going to improve the situation. What would happen is that Expert Server become sort of downgraded… in a way or another, pilots would begin to feel that there are less activity among ATC’s and ATC’s themselves would have a harder time knowing that there are less people out there to takeover the airspace when they leave their work shift.

TS = A place where you are supposed to learn. If you are serious, just how i am, and how everyone else who’s on Expert, then you can make it through and enter Expert Server for a more realistic and professional flying experience.

I don’t see a clear reason as to why TS should be stricter, when people will still do what they do, IFATC would be wasting time on tolls for hours rather than helping to guide us professional pilots down to the ground, or give us clearance for takeoff.

Basically, if you want a great experience when flying in IF, then do it professionally, and maybe some might learn from you in process of you flying how you’re supposed to. You don’t have to fly to Bravos with immature ATC and Troll Pilots, instead look at your Grade Table, Read It, Understand It! Reach each and every requirement and enter Expert, but only those who reached G3 the right way will stay. Are you a troll and enter G3 for fun and childishness, then say bye bye in a blick of an eye ;)

Now 'm not saying everyone is unprofessional or immature or a not so good pilot on TS, but a vast number are, and would even say as the days pass by, the majority was and still is on the side of those who should not be permitted to access Expert Server.

So because of that, i feel like ATC on TS or Not… No Bigger Change Is Gonna Happen, Sorry, But That’s Reality As It Is… :(


It’s just a shame to see such a heat space wasted on trolls and immature pilots
Roman wasn’t built in a day and a plane can’t descent from 27000 very in the air without excessive speed and being simply unrealistic.
Training server is there to train but I sit at EGLL and KLAX and KSFO most days flying out and to at Least 1 of these places and every day I hear incorrect commands from both pilot and controller alike I’m not calling for restriction but guidance . There are hundreds if not thousands of IFATC surely 3 can be spared for the lomgnlost use of please check the forum for use of ATC instruction god I miss that button but I know what I’m doing deep down . It flying under the control of poor knowledge that has lead to me disregarding what I knew to be right and proper for maybe it is different in IF once I reach expert .the proper way not casual at EGLL for 5 hours straight and 4 days of egll to YSSY
I flew honestly and professionally to earn my grade descent speed has been my failing or descent management due to .making an excuse here but a smaller screen and the death factor removed this was a stiff curve to learn for me even being a real Life pilot guess I losted some discipline in the retirement transition

I don’t like this new violation system 3 violations means I lose my grade (4) and I am reduced to the training server where mostly people do not know how to fly or controller properly I think 3 is to steap I got 6 in 45 seconds on a decent into 140kt winds nothing I did would slow her down I was 17 hours in and just took it and landed after but that cost me my grade 4

Personally, I don’t think FDS would choose to do this. If they put this into TS1, would TS1 transform into an Expert-like server? That’d mean all the traffic and stuff that makes TS1 unique would be wiped away.
However, maybe you can ask FDS if you can make a TS1 ATC group? It could work like a virtual airline, except for ATC.


There already is an ATC group like that

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The way I see it, I’d you dislike TS1, don’t use TS1. FDS made the Expert server for that exact reason (and in all honesty, even on expert there are still people who don’t have a clue what they’re doing).TS1 ist actually as bad as one may think. Just keep away from the popular airports, and you’re fine! If you’re ever at one of those airports, just stay professional and be a role model for everyone else. Taking our limited mod team and putting our hard worked IFATC controllers on TS1 to enforce Expert server rules completely destroys the purpose of the Expert server. Those who strive for realism should play on expert. Those who don’t will be condemned to TS1. Its all up to you, you have the freedom to choose which one you fly on.


The ATC Education Group is Infinite Flight’s only established training server based ATC-only group that I’m aware of. Although we are not affiliated with Infinite Flight we do work hand in hand with the IFATC through providing feedback to controllers’ IFATC trainers directly, no feedback is sent directly to the controller. This then makes the the trainers’ lives easier and helps expedite the learning process through the feedback we provide.

I think if there was some way to contact any and all pilots and controllers then the experience flying and controlling would be drastically improved. With no line of communication the training server is basicially more of a playground or casual server with ATC, and less of a “training” server in the sense that in the vast majority of the cases, you cannot find the person you would like to contact on the IFC. You need to be able to contact them in order to help them.

I would strongly suggest that you, person reading this, please include your IFC username in your display name. I’m positive there is a lot of people on here that use some form of alias when flying making it impossible to find. Almost daily I’ll take the time to search the IFC for someone to no avail.

If you are not part of the community, the process of learning is more of a lonely cycle of self-teaching that leads to problems down the line when the pilots are able to fly on the expert server. I don’t think the vast majority of pilots or controllers are trolls, they just have no clue what they’re doing and rightly so because you can’t learn something you don’t know exists.

I myself when I first bought Infinite Flight had no clue what I was doing and was never aware such a community this helpful existed. The key thing being, I didn’t know it was this helpful and informative. The only reason why I found the forum is because I searched and found infiniteflight.com, because I wanted know how I could control on the expert server since I didn’t have access. If I had no care to be a controller I would have never taken the time to find the forum or make an account.

The bottom line is that education is important, we all want to help eachother. I think the entire experience of using the app would be drastically different if education took more of priority over other things, but it’s not as sexy as liveries and planes which is more a product of the reactions the devs recieve from their custormers on the forum and other platforms. It’s nice we can have a conversation about it though. 🙂


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