Popculture FIX names

My new favourite route :) Have you seen other fixes named after popculture?

I know where you’re headed! KATL is full of them. JJEDI TWO arrival is probably my favorite, but CHPPR ONE is a close second.

yeah, New Orleans to Atlanta :) Have to see those fixes

If you look up the HOBTT STAR on skyvector.com, it’ll show you the suggested altitude’s between fixes

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Thanks, I have real problem with descending :p

I noticed, haha! I’m just playing though, that’s the beauty of the sim… safe to say I don’t follow them 100% of the time

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Check out Kansas City…

Belongs here.

Yeah, it’s always funny when you discover something like that during a flight.

Here are many more funny waypoint names.

@anon79257371 thx guys. Haven’t seen this topic until yesterday.

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