Pop ups on screen

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system: iOS 17

I’ve had this problem for a couple months and it’s getting frustrating.

I was just flying for about an hour or 2 had 3 more left and was busy doing something not looking at my phone realizing that the low battery thing popped up. Me not noticing it stayed on the screen for literally a minute or 2. I plugged my phone up and noticed that I was completely disconnected from the live server. Now this isn’t the first time this has happened but I’m just now saying something cause it has really started to piss me off. I was flying for so long just for it to disconnect me from the server. Usually it connects me back in a couple secs now it doesn’t even try to so I have to leave the game.

This happened once during a 19 hour flight and I lost my **** and didn’t play the game for a month.

Please do something about this cause it’s so frustrating.

There is nothing they can or will do about it. Making sure things like this don’t happen is your job. As for the server part, it is by design to disconnect you after a minute of being away from the game so that you disconnecting and reconnecting does not interfere with other pilots or ATC operations.

Ik why I get disconnected I get that but sometimes it’s not my fault Apple is stupid and likes having things pop up on my screen. I’m saying tho it would be nice if it would connect me back to the server

Yeah, I get it. I’ve had my share of disconnections too. It’s not fun. But in order to keep things running smoothly as they are, things like this are in place.

Just out of curiosity… where was the charger and cable?


Get an Android then. That may solve your problem.

Solution is quite simple: keep your phone plugged in during the entire session. Then there’s no way the low battery pop-up will come on 👍


I’m sorry apple Is very very stupid but not stupid enough for me to get a droid haha

Yeah I do that most of the time but it’s my main phone I use so when I need it with me I need it with me and I don’t see the battery on it sometimes.
I’m you can see it in game I have that

On the floor😭 it was right beside my phone basically but I didn’t know my battery was low so that’s my excuse lol.

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