Pop up (zoom in) display of live instruments

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Hello IFC! Here’s a request for a feather that will be a great quality-of-life improvement: pop-up display of instruments.
Why we need this?
With the introduction of live cockpit in IF, many of the phone users struggle to read the instruments due to the small size of the screen. Focusing on such small digits in the instruments for only a few minutes can bring a lot of stress to the eyes. Besides, on some low-end device where you can’t have max graphics, the rendering of the instruments are kind of blurry, increasing the difficulty to read. Therefore, even in an aircraft with live cockpit, they still rely heavily on the HUD view, and consequently, miss the fun of flying realistically in the live cockpit. Inspired by some PC sims, the idea of pop up instruments struck me.
What will it be like?
In many PC sims, pilots can zoom in the instruments by clicking on them, like this:

Not my picture
This allows the pilot to view the instruments more clearly.
Since we cannot interact with cockpit panels, my idea is to merge this into the system menu:

Did some photoshop work to make it clear

The “pop up PFD and ND” button can be in the "interface"section or a new “display” section. When selected, the PFD and ND screen will pop up and appear bigger, making it easier for us to read. The original position of those instruments can be black to reduce stress to the device and improve performance.

Let me know your opinion on this feature! And leave a vote if you like the idea 😄

great idea!!
voted ;)


Neat idea and great editing, voted.


Now this is smart! I use my phone sometimes for IF and I find so hard to land while being in the cockpit screen, because the phone screen is too small and hence I can’t see the PFD screen clearly! Voted!


Voted! Nice editing, good idea!


I really love this idea. Make it available in the HUD view.

Great idea!

It’s not only the size that’s causing the current issues with live cockpit IMO
The other issue is that when the text is rendered slanted on a screen that’s not extremely high res, it becomes more blurry than usual.

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Just added as one of the reasons 😉

I’ve been looking for something like this forever! Especially with aircraft that are newer and has the camera pointed more down, then when I turn the HUD on the horizon like is below the real horizon and it throws me off. I’m clearing up a vote cause needing this is an understatement.

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It’s not low graphics settings that’s causing the issue. It’s the fact that phones don’t have the resolution. You need a tablet for 4k.

Nvm, the blurry issue is there, whatever caused it 😂 and that’s what this idea is for 😂

Incredible photoshop skills. It would really allow us to have a realistic experience. You’ve got my vote

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This is good!

Quick reminder to vote for this, it’d be so much help during those critical phases of flight 🙂

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