Pop-up that disconnects me from server


On a small number of flights, not long after starting, a dialogue box appears, saying that there is “already another user on the account”, then disconnects, even though I am only accessing my account through one device?

How could I fix this issue?


Device: iPad Air 2019
Operating system: iOS 16

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I’ve experienced this, what I’ve done is restart my device or restart the game and it will work. But did this happen when you already took off or when you are at gate?

It happened shortly after reaching cruise.

It might be a server issue, when connection is quite bad possibly from what I’ve heard. But for me, it only happens when I’m trying to spawn at gate. A technical support assistant might be able to help you find a correct answer to why this might be happening when your cruising.

We’re noticing some issues on Training Server (potentially caused by some issues in our data center earlier today). We’re restarting it now and it should be back to normal shortly

Sorry for the inconvenience

Edit: The server is back online now. Try again and you should be able to connect without this pop-up


I was flying on the expert server when the issue occurred.

If this happens again, please let us know the server you are using :) thanks!

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