Pop-up FPM Counter

Ever wanted to show off your landings, but can’t figure how exactly smooth it was?

Vote for…

The FPM Counter.


Since IF-Operations isn’t suitable anymore for IF… why not vote for a FPM counter which measures how BUTTER or how FIRM it is. You don’t have to pay attention to your FPM indicator on the right side of the HUD (Heads-up Display) while you’re on approach. Making it easy to butter.

How will it work?:

Just like X-Plane and MSFS, the FPM counter will show up on the top screen the second you touchdown with your main gears.

It measures your:

  • Feet Per Minute (FPM)
  • G-Forces upon touchdown (G)
  • Runway used

What are you waiting for? Vote now!

Yes! I think that this is an absolute must-have for the sim. I’ve been wanting this for a long time. Hope this gets added soon!

I am the first official vote for it! But don’t forget to vote for your own topic!

I think it should be during the session recap. A pop-up would annoy me, and a “good” landing involves more than just the FPM.


I could see issues with that being implemented on sessions that involve multiple landings. Perhaps there could be a way to disable the original idea in settings if someone like you so disire.

On an unrelated note, congrats for -π fpm on that landing! 😂


The devs will figure it out, no biggie.

Yeah that landing took all of my hard work and dedication to get it to -pi fpm.

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Great idea !

Interesting feature!
Would love to see it in IF
Voted :)

I was talking with Laura at Oshkosh last year and she was telling me something like this is being worked on 👀… who knows what will actually happen though 😆.


Good luck with that buddy


Bump it :)

Definitely a must

i like the idea but in my opinion it makes IF seem a bit less realism focused and a bit more on the ‘plane parking simulator’ type energy.

I just voted for this. We NEED this