Poor quality

I’ve noticed since the recent update that on all servers the quality is not as good as before, I’ve increased all settings but no difference, hope someone can help.

Can you provide a screenshot?

Can you also state your:

  • Device

  • IF version

  • Operating System

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Can you specify what quality are you referring?

Ipad 2019
iOS 12.3.1
Infinite Flight 19.2

It’s difficult to show on a screen shot, but the strobing effect on all white lines is quite excessive and as you zoom out the quality of the aircraft deteriorates.

Is it only on the XCub you have experienced this?

No, I’ve tried several aircraft & airports, but long distances scenery seems ok.


This a feature called LOD.
It’s implemented to improve performance by lowering the resolution of the aircraft when zoomed out a bit, hiding details that are not or barely necessary at that particular zoom level.

LOD (Level of Detail) Improvements

Bringing a full-featured simulator to users on a mobile platform means constantly making improvements to how visuals are presented to the user in a balance of graphics vs device performance. We have improved this balance by dynamically changing the level of detail based on distance and perspective. For example, aircraft rendered at a distance do not require fine detail components such as pitot tubes, windscreen wipers, and antennae, so they are removed. Further, aircraft at intermediate distances have simplified geometry. All of these things help to reduce processing requirements of the device, which allows Infinite Flight to run more smoothly across all devices. This update adds LOD improvements to more aircraft. - 18.3 Release notes

Have you tried limiting your frame rate and turning on anti-aliasing?

I just noticed it then, it’s probably to do with the new quality settings that they reverted back to the old ones prior to 19.1 in this latest update.

That’s made a world of difference, is that the normal setting?

LOD has been in the game for a few updates now. This is to help enhance it for all devices. Limit frame rate and anti-aliasing have been grandfather in for a while now. Turn these two settings on and you should be alright. If you fly the XCub, you should lower your graphics a bit as it is a really high-quality aircraft.

Thanks for your help

No problem, mate. Have a good one :)