Poor, Poor Management by Ground ATC at LFPG

Hey There! I just landed at LFPG from WSSS and came across some extremely poor management by Ground ATC (IFATC Maxim)…I had just landed at RWY26L and was holding short RWY26R

First thing I did after holding short was request runway crossing and waited a solid 4 mins for a reply but didn’t seem to get one. The least I could have and should have expected was a ‘hold short Rwy 26R’ command from the ATC but never received it.


A few minutes after I landed, another aircraft landed behind me which can be seen in the picture above and strangely enough, he was straightaway given permission to cross Rwy 26R whilst I was still waiting for permission…


After waiting for even longer, another aircraft landed behind me and guess what…

Even He/She got permission to cross the runway before I did! I can assure you that there was no connection bug/problem here as upon my 3rd time of requesting permission to cross the runway, ATC sent me an ‘Avoid Sending Duplicate Message’. I was still made to wait a few more minutes until I was finally given permission to cross…I can’t seem to find what I did wrong from my side but if I did do something wrong, do let me know! Thanks for Your Co-Operation!

You didn’t PM the controller. Please contact @MaximV. Thanks!