Poor peformance brand new iPad

Hello I have been experiencing terrible graphics the sky and ground blur badly I have a brand new iPad Pro 32gigs of storage and internet is at 107 download 9.7 upload and I’ve cleared scenery cache just happened everything used to be amazing on this I fly everyday any help would be appreciated

Could you let us know your:

  • ipad model
  • ios version
  • infinite flight version

And possibly show us a screenshot of the issue and whether you have reinstalled the app.

Thank you

Oh and welcome to the forum.

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iPad Pro 9.7 not even a month old newest update on both iOS and IF
Screen shot comming soon

So from seeing the screenshot, i dont really see an issue. Could you state again whats wrong.

Have you checked your settings? From the home screen you will have the texture quality settings and the usually one where you can select ludicrous.

See below:

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It’s looks way worse than it used to the yellow taxi way lines flicker and disappear on short final the pixels in the sky and ground move like seeing heat waves off a hot surface I’ve been on IF for months and it’s never done that everything is set to high in graphics that’s why I got this new iPad

Do you settings look like the screenshot I just sent and have you got the latest update?

@Devin_Cordova Chatta’s got you on the right track. Follow the sequence that he’s got you taking and the graphics quality should improve.

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I have cleared the cache in the game and on my computer. I have the latest download version from two days ago 19.01.04

Thank you for checking in. Hoping he can fix it. It’s just odd that it suddenly started doing this. The graphics have been so incredible since I bought this tablet and this game is the only issue. So bummed

Do your taxiways look similar to this ? If they do had the same issue and fixed it by turning antialiasing on and clearing scenery cache

Yes that’s how my runway looks and I cleared the cache and I always have the anti aliasing on.

Re-installing the app might be the best option at this point.

I’ll give it a try and factory reset iPad and see thanx for all your help

Can you go to the main menu, then settings and screenshot the graphics page please?

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