Poor Graphics iPad Air 2

Got an iPad Air 2 with IOS 10.1.1 here is the picture of the plane

And here is the picture of the settings


Try changing the aircraft resolution from the title screen, as you can’t adjust those settings while in-flight.


Have you got these settings on high? They have to be changed before you start a flight:image
Hope this helps :)


Some of the graphics can be put on very high. My airplane graphics are on very high and it’s beautiful. Try doing that. You just have to go to the graphic settings in the main menu, not while playing, and put the airplane graphics on very high


Same thing happened to me restart the app and make sure the graphics are at high and very high that worked for me

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Make sure you access the settings from the main menu not during flight as you get only a few options then and the graphics will still be poor

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Have you updated Infinite Flight?? Your settings and @tobyarnold01 are different.

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Usually, you can’t change airplane quality while you are in a flight. You can only have that option when you are at the menu of this game. Airplane quality Is in settings under graphics.

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As a few people mentioned, aircraft quality settings can only be changed before or after a flight. This is because we load the aircraft differently for low and high settings. This is something we intend to change at some point to make it more straightforward to adjust quality settings at any time.


I had this same issue. And I asked a friend for help and he said either restart your device try resetting the app

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I have the latest version on IOS. The settings have to be changed before you start a flight. If you open the settings menu during a flight, different options are displayed.

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