Poor Frame Rate on Moto G7


That’s nice, thanks !

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You are playing with anti aliasing off right?


Yes, the performance is even worse with it of course


Then I think it is settled. Your phone sadly is not optimised properly to run infinite flight or is not powerful enough. I have also found that the Antutu benchmark score for the moto g7 plus is a mere 116, 000 which is far below other more powerful phones. You can run a benchmark yourself if you want. Download “antutu benchmark” from the play store and and download the other app when instructed to. Run the test and then tell us the score.


I have the same result, but an iPhone 6 have a score from 79,100 points so it’s probably the optimization. Maybe it’s gonna be fixed in the future


I have already confirmed that the device is powerful enough to run infinite Flight at high/ medium graphics without issue.

Again, I use the example of my Sony Xperia Z3, and even my Z5, which have Antutu scores of 59,887 and 76,862 respectively, yet both manage to run on high settings with virtually no lag…

If you look at my widely used thread, you’ll see similar devices still manage to perform very well.

I’d prefer for a staff member to give their final word on this than you saying “well it’s settled”, because it obviously isn’t.

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Thanks for your engagement !

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Are you running it through any sort of game optimizer? I can’t remember if Motorola has one or not. Sometimes these can add unwanted overhead to processing.

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Well there isn’t any other reason.


I use the iphone XR and get 60fs on max settings no lag. Maybe upgrade if you can bro. Hope you find a solution to your problem 👊🏻👍🏻


How do you find out your fps?


I guess it. Of course I’m not able to perfectly match it with my eyes but I think that you can also see the difference between a fluent gameplay and just single, laggy frames.


No need to be clever… There are plenty of things that could cause an issue like this, not just a lack of optimisation…

Let’s leave this with Chris shall we?
He’s much more experienced than me, and also happens to be a staff member 🙃

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Go to 7:00 and it shows you the app how to see it on my tutorial I convert my videos anyway with iMovie but the phone will do 59fs then go to 60 when I change the resolution to 1080p60fs. Hope this helps 👍🏻


Ah OK. I’ll try that out myself.

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Sure that’s perfectly fine. I’m just pointing out what I know through experience. But oh well. That doesn’t really matter does it?


Can you do a video of your device on high with limit frame rate on so we can see the lag?

We need to see what it is you are seeing.


Here’s the video, I recorded it with a camera to avoid a lower performance.


What is not quite clear in the video, that the frame rate is stable again in flight but then often terrible again. With several flights some camera perspectives are unusable because of the framerate, it’s comparable to a crash.

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