Poor Frame Rate on Moto G7

Hey there,

After using the app with an iPhone 6 on highest settings and no lags, I’ve switched to a Moto g7 plus and the performance is horrible. I can just play with medium settings although the cpu (SD 636) is much stronger than an A8 processor. Are there any reasons for that ? It’s really frustrating to fly with 10 fps on a new device. Is there a way to fix this problem?

CPU is not the same as the graphics processor. What IF graphics settings do you have specifically on the g7+?

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A Snapdragon 636 and an Adreno 509 are more than enough to handle IF at medium/ High graphics comfortably…

Are there any particular aircraft you’re having issues with? What settings do you play on?
Do you have any substantial background processes running whilst IF is open?


Hi! Sometimes, with my phone, it happens that it lags without reasons. All I need to do is restart the game, lower plane count and if very necessary Rendering resolution.

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The framerate is an issue all the time, no matter what type of plane I fly. Same goes for singleplayer. The framerate is ok with medium settings but it’s horrible to play with high settings. I play without any other background procceses, power supply and without a limited frame rate so it’s not about cpu throtteling or other settings.

The hardware is enough for high settings, snapdragon 636, Andreno 509, 4gb ram so I’m wondering why the game runs smoothly on an iPhone 6. I’ve also tested it with a Galaxy A5 (2016) and the performance is also much better.

Really strange, I hope that there’s a way to fix that.


I played with high settings on an iPhone 6 and I tried to play also with high settings on the Moto but the framerate is horrible, it’s just a little bit better with medium settings but far away from steady 30fps. The gpu is an Andreno 509, I think that’s enough for high settings. I tried to play with all kinds of different settings (high, medium, without limited framerate etc) but it’s laggy all the time and I think that a Moto g7+ should perform at least as the samethan an iPhone 6.

I can guarantee its not the hardware that’s slowing the device down. My Sony Xperia Z3, with 2gb ram, a Snapdragon 801 and Adreno 330 still run the game at a consistently high frame rate on medium/ high settings.

It’s most likely to be either a lack of optimisation, a background process or the version of Android that Motorola pushes out to its devices.

Which version of Android are you currently running?


How does the moto perform out of IF?

Things like videos and other games? Are they affected in a similar way?

A common issue when phones have some serious lag is the internal memory is very close to being full (personally seen this with some androids) or there are too many background processes like Kirito said.

How does the phone feel while you’re playing IF, is it hot?

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The Moto is available since a month here in Germany so it comes with Android 9, I used it for 4 days now and I installed all new uodates. I think there’s a lack of optimisation, even if I do not understand what that has to do with the device itself, Android 9 has already received many updates and other games run smoothly.

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I bought the device only 4 days ago and only used 30% memory. The temperature is totally normal and there are no background procceses.

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Do you fly with limit frame rate on? If it is turned off it may be trying to do too much? Try enabling it and see if it is any better?

Is it instantly slow when you start or does it get more lag the longer you fly?

I’ve also tried this but there’s no change. It’s instantly slow, online and offline.

Are you on wifi or cell? Any difference in switching?

Have you reinstalled IF? I dont know if it will fix your issue but it is worth trying if you choose.


The only reason the game runs better for an iPhone is because it is better optimizer for ios.

That’s not entirely true is it… There are several occasions where android devices outperform their iOS counterparts ahem my razer phine

In this scenario, it’s more of an issue with his device and it’s optimisation than infinite flight it seems

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Yes that’s what I mean. The iPhone six is much more optimised to run games at a smoother framerate.

I have a Moto Z3 Play, kinda the same specs as the G7 Plus and I can’t play on Medium/High graphics, only low…

This is because of the processor and graphics of your phones. They can probably play some games with high settings but infinite flight is a lot more demanding than your typical game thus why they can’t play at high or even medium.

Yes, unfortunately… But i don’t really care, I mean… we can still play, right? ;)

Yh that’s the good thing. At least you can run it. Some people can barely get passed the loading screen.