Poor Controlling @KSAN Playground Server

Ok, so 5 minutes ago I was at KSAN, I was really mad so I raged quit. I’m not going to say his/her name but really? I pushed back from my gate and requested taxi to RW 27, and ground tells me to taxi to 09, so I’m like ok. Even though there were landings and takeoffs on 27. Then when I get to 09 I contacted tower and he/she says “back taxi to RW 27 please expidite.” I’m angry! I dont respond to tower and turn around on the taxiway then taxi to 27. There wasn’t a set RW for takeoffs or landings, there wasn’t a wind problem either. I get to 27 and I contact tower again and he/she says hold short so I responded and held short. Then I sit there for 5-8 minutes and there are other aircraft landing on 09. While I was waiting I was told to contact ground. Why would I contact ground if I’m holding short my departure RW and ready for takeoff. Then I request takeoff after everyone landed then I got no response. There was no one inbound for either RW so I just tookoff. I didn’t feel like flying anymore,so after gear was up I ended my flight.😤

Callsign: Southwest 328
Server: Playground




I have said this many times, but I’ll say it again. It’s the playground there is no need for this post/complaint. If you fly on the playground you are accepting that the ATC may or may not know what they’re doing.

These sorts of topics should be closed immediately. They just deface the forum and make it a negative place because all the complaining about playground server, and other things that don’t need to be mentioned. This forum is a place for discussion not for complaining about people who are still learning the ropes of being an ATC.