Poor ATC Today @ Lisbon

Flying in from Porto today, I encountered many questionable ATC orders. First, once I joined approach I was told to turn away from Lisbon and hold over a small airport. Once I was told to proceed on approach, I was told to enter the Rwy 21 landing pattern. However, when I was in pattern, I was again told to turn away from Lisbon and hold over a small airport, despite people who were in front of me and behind me being told to go back into patter, who landed 10 minutes later. 20 minutes later, I was instructed to go back into the pattern to land Rwy 21. During the time I was in pattern again, approach went offline. I saw an opening to land (no planes close to me) so I entered straight in for runway 21. I joined Lisbon Tower, and was told to enter straight in on runway 21. Once I was on final, I was told to join approach again. I though that was a mistake, so I reported that I was on final. Then the controlled responds with “please follow instructions or you will be ghosting”. At that point I had to turn away from the airport and climb again, so I did. I was told to enter the pattern for Rwy 21 again. 10 minutes later I was finally cleared to land on Rwy 21 at Lisbon. I landed about 1hr and 30min after first being told to descend. I understand that there were many planes landing (125 when I took off), but this was beyond ridiculous.

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Hey there! The traffic levels in Lisbon were quite high today. Do you know the name of the controller(s) who where controlling at the time or what Zulu time this occurred at? We are here to help!

Unfortunately at busy airports this can happen…

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Yea… After the controller change, ATC completely forgot about me. I checked in 3 times within the span of 20minutes as I knew it was busy … however I received no reply, and decided to turn back after being sent out 70+ nm, outside of the traffic pattern …and outside of approach coverage. I decided to end the flight as my phone started overheating. I understand that I was busy but this was ridiculous too. I guess it was that busy after all …huh


Please feel free to send your replay to @moderators. We use replays for ghosting appeals, but also to ensure controller quality. Thanks :)

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