Poof IFF Display @ KNUC - 281800ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: SoCal

Airport: KNUC

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Afternoon everyone,

Our next event shall be called poof we shall be exploring how fast we can go in formation along the KNUC runway. Expect all ranks at the event from our newest recruits to our fully trained “best” team. Come join us in fighter aircraft only as we wow you with low passes, dirty passes, half loops and formation landing.

If you would like to join us on discord https://discord.gg/jKhq4 and pm one of our admins who shall sort you guys out. Another way is to fill in the form on our website http://infiniteflightfighters.weebly.com with your Name, Community name, Age and where you live.

Any other queories feel free to pm me here

Many thanks

IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart

What does POOF stand for?

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its a saying poof its gone

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I should be there. F-22

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Nice we’ll make this one the best yet

Guys there could be a guest appearance from the dogfighting division of the IFF

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