Pond Hopping in the 737

Hi all
I am in the process of planning a series where I will travel across the globe in a 737.

I have planned the following already.

  • I will fly from London Stansted to Bucharest. (Ryanair)
  • From Bucharest I will fly to Dubai (FlyDubai)
  • From Dubai I will fly to Kathmandu (FlyDubai)
  • From Kathmandu I will somehow make my way to Singapore.
  • Singapore to Jakarta with GIA
  • Jakarta to Denpensar.
  • Denpensar to Melbourne with Qantas
  • From Melbourne I will make my way to Honolulu, I have not decided how, but I know Fiji Airways operates to Honolulu.
  • From Honolulu I will fly to Mainland USA.
  • Here I will have some flights that will take me to the East coast.

The last part of my series will be a challenge. And I need some help from you guys.

I need to someone make my way back to Europe from the US in a 737.
The flight must be within these requirements.

  • Real Route.
  • 737MAX routes not allowed.
  • Livery must be in IF.
    An easier way to describe it is this.
    I need a flight that will take me from Mainland US to Europe, it can contain stopovers, including a livery change (the stopover airport must have a flight to Europe in a 737, and must also have a flight to US in a 737)

Any suggestions?


I would say Icelandair, but do they operate NG’s?

I think they do, but they usually use their 757’s on flights to the US. Reykjavik seems like a good stop. Also, Iceland Air does not have a 737 livery in IF.

Does it need to be into Stansted?

No, though, the destination airport must have a flight to Stansted (even if it’s via multiple airports)

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I think the fleet of Icelandair is only made with 757/767, i cant see any other model in their flight plan, so i would think about Air Transat possibly

Edit: no Chance there… possibly a connect from South america to africa and then to Europe?

So I saw that WestJet operate from Halifax to Glasgow, but that’s a seasonal flight.

Yeah I was going to recommend that flight because I flew it in IF In September, but they’re not doing it right now

Ok, so from what I can tell, there aren’t any transatlantic 737 flights that aren’t (weren’t) the 737MAX.

Your best bet would be to make your way to CYYZ (Toronto), and then from CYYZ head to CYHZ (Halifax) in a Westjet 737.

From Halifax, you may need to take the 737BBJ. You can basically go to anywhere in Europe from there.

If you’re looking for 737 routes in Europe, you’ll want to go with Ryanair. If you fly from CYHZ (Halifax) to EIDW (Dublin), you can make your way to EGSS (London Stansted) on a Ryanair 737-800. You’d be back where you started!

Good luck, and I’ll let you know if I find anything that may help.

I can also help with getting to CYYZ in a 737 if you’d like :)

Best of luck!


There is also a seasonal route (also WestJet) from Halifax to London (I think it’s Gatwick). It is operated as WS24 which happens at about June-July. It is in a -700 variant.

You could also watch the return of two Ryanair aircraft back to Dublin that got sent to Victorville (for repairs i think). They went from Dublin to Victorville via Bangor, ME. Maybe they’ll stop at Bangor too if those got sent back to Ireland. Going to KVCV, it is operated as FR800D.

I know this would be a challenge for I also went in an all around the world trip last May with 15 stops in 13 days.

Good luck on your quest around the globe and hope you have a good flight!



Just another thing I missed,

  • There were 3 aircraft sent to Victorville (Not two). EI-DAL, EI-DCL, EI-DCJ.
  • It seems like EI-DAL has already been in operation and flown back to Dublin via Reykjavik instead last Nov. 13, 2019.

  • It would be a painful 8 hours in a 737.
  • Unfortunately, there are no commercial flights to and from KVCV so that could be a problem.

Hope this helps and you can ask me any questions regarding this :)


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I have a solution to your Kathmandu problem, you would take Malaysian which flies a 737 IRL from Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur, skip Singapore and fly from Kuala Lumpur on a Garuda 737 which is also an irl flight.

Or you could fly to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur which is a Malaysian 737 route!

Yes, I saw that, I’m most likely to change it

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Why not take a BBJ 737 from Miami executive to Zurich then fly a route from Zurich back to Stanstead which ever route you want??

I have known a few 737BBJ’s that have flown from Miami Exec to Zurich IRL so technically its a real route

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One option is to fly north into Canada. Then to Greenland. Then Iceland. Then Europe. I haven’t looked into it very much but you might find some routes that way ;)

WestJet - St. John’s to Dublin, and then Stansted to Dublin - RYR

I saw you landing in Bucharest, I was the Wizz A320 you parked next to :)

It’s a BBJ SAS 737-700 flight…

Technically in its SAS livery but operates by another airline and is probably canceled…

Would this help you?