[POLLS] Fill Up Raleigh-Durham @ KRDU - 081800ZDEC18


you are in! thanks :)


Hello. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to make it anymore. I have something scheduled Saturday. May you please remove my name from the list?



I’ll take D9 to MDPC


Add me KRDU-SFO 738 please.


It is the C7


Hey can you put me on standby? I’m going boating with my friends this weekend, but I’m not sure if were going on Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully will still be able to make it!


Sure! Hope to see ya there!


@VAnuj sorry I have an SSAT test on Saturday, I might be able to make it, or be a little late, I’ll let you know.


i can do DAL CRJ2 KRDU-KPHL gate C21


I’ll do D3: FFT1825 KRDU-KSAN


The event is tommorow!

I hope to see a lot of you there!


Ill take gate a2 but I might not be able to come because I have a swim meet in the morning


Can I switch to Air Canada to CYUL on a A321 pls
any gate


Hi! Air Canada does not fly that route. Sorry!


Sure! Thanks for signing up :)


Actually Sign me off the gate list


I will do ATC for dept


Alright, putting you in for that.


Ok thanks
Have a good day


I might not be able to attend because I have to visit a cemetery, eat some lunch, and then go plane spotting, sorry.