[POLLS] Fill Up Raleigh-Durham @ KRDU - 081800ZDEC18


You’re in for C3! I live in Raleigh too 😉


I will take the F9 gate to KDEN. Ozzy the Orca Livery :)


You’re in! Thanks for signing up :)


Hey I want to join to let’s go to BWI


You’re in! Thanks for signing up


Your welcome


I will take C12 to KBOS


I will take gate a and my airlineer is SouthWest Airlines please and thank you


Im down
I’d like to take Gate C20
See ya theree!


Southwest 857, Could I get the SWA to KMCI please, its also known as #ChiefsKingdom 😉.

Gate: A4 please?




Can go from KRDU-KBWI please and Gate C:D3


I will take gate c15. Can I request krdu-kmia with AAL B738.


Want C3 or D3?


Sure! Thank you


Can I request any gate, JBU A320 to KBOS. Thanks!


Yes D3 please thank you


Both of you are in, thanks for signing up! :)


Anygate to MCO as Endeavor air Crj900


Hi! The gate for MCO is with a FFT A321, I’ve put you in for that. Is that good?


Roger FFT to MCO see ya there