Polls: Favourite IF Regions & Servers! (Multiple Polls) [Closed]

Favourite IF Regions (Other Than SoCal) (I will make effort to ATC highest scoring region more often) (Find Out What is next after SoCal)
Multiple Choice

  • Denver
  • Amsterdam
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Charlotte
  • Hawaii
  • Sydney
  • Oshkosh
  • Caribbean
  • London

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Which region would you like to see in the future
Multiple Choice

  • Dubai
  • Vancouver
  • Tokyo
  • Alaska
  • Tel Aviv
  • Toronto
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • New Zealand
  • New US Region
  • Other (Please Comment Below)

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Favourite IF Server

  • Free Flight
  • ATC Playground
  • Advanced

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Thank You!


New US Region?

Gimme a break we have enough as it is. Time to get some diversity


I myself am not interested in a new US region but I might as well put it there

Other People might want it?

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I don’t think you included the South Florida region

I did
but not possible to add it now

I want the New York region expanded to DC, then connect Charlotte, add Georgia, and central Florida. I don’t understand why KMCO wasn’t added because it’s literally directly east of Tampa and is only an hour away by land

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I think Hong Kong region would be such a nice place to fly.

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When that happens I would be able to fly over my house!

Love how no one voted for Paris and the makers of this game are French XD

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Sorry, I didn’t read the entire top part. :)

There’s no South Florida :( @tranquil_skyflyer

new region:Hong Kong

Myself personally would love to see a SoFlo and Caribbean region combined together, as well as the Caribbean region being expanded.

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I would like to see the Turkey Region as it has many fantastic airports

Hong Kong

Even though YVR is great

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I want the Spain region.

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New region: Spain (Catalonia, Valencia and Mallorca)


I would like either a Europe mega region (London + Paris + Ansterdam), but if not Swizerland (and poss. Austria) all the way.

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Southern African region. Literally, all major airlines around the world fly to Johannesburg and Cape Town daily in real life.

Jut to add my voice