Polls: Favourite Aircraft

  • Single Aisle Short Haul
  • Single Aisle Medium Haul
  • Double Aisle Long Haul
  • Double Aisle Long Haul Jumbo Jet

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What about a 5 seater single engine prop?

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That could go under “Single Aisle Short Haul” maybe?

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I have never flown anything more than a single aisle medium haul (A320). My all-time goal is Double aisle jumbo.

Single aisle short haul works great for me. Quick, decent, and not a cavernous fuselage.

Single isle short hauls because you can feel the plane.

Long haulers are great planes !

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Wouldn’t A380s count as Quadruple Aisle Long Haul Jumbo Jet? They have 2 floors, and if I remember correctly, 4 aisles (Emirates config)

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(it depends)

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