(Polls Closed) Choose What You Want My First Event to be

Hello everyone,
Since I reached TL2 recently, I wanted to create my own event. You can choose the type! I will be doing this at KBWI, KDCA, or KIAD (you choose). Lastly, I will do this event in March. You choose when in March though! So, here are the polls:
Event type:

  • Fly out
  • Fly in
  • Group flight
  • Landing competition
  • Something else (reply with your desired type)

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  • KDCA
  • KBWI
  • KIAD

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  • March 9-10
  • March 16-17
  • March 23-24

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Polls are now closed.
PM me for more details.
Hope to see you at my event!


I think we have enough votes now, so I am closing the polls! Thanks to those who voted :)

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(Apologies if you already signed up, I didn’t have time to check if you did right now)
The event is up!


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