[POLL] Would you attend a Dubai Virtual Airshow?

Hi All,
I was thinking lately, what if IF had it’s own Dubai Airshow where VAs could announce stuff and have a variety of displays. Before I go to the effort of creating this, my question is, would you attend? Please let me know of your thoughts below!


  • Yes
  • No

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As IFAEGAF’s Raptor Demo Pilot I’m always in for shows

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As IFAEGAF’s Viper Demo Pilot I too am also down for shows 😂😉

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I think there are better locations for airshows but its still an interesting idea. Trouble is VA announcements would be posted on the forum which kinda defeats the point because they could just post it anyway, no?

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Well, possibly, they could post it on the forums at that date, but I don’t know.

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I tend to hold the Dubai Airshow event around the time of the actual Air Show.

It usually has a great turn out and I’m excited to see what you can do with the Dubai Area


If the time is right for me I will attend!


As an a319 acrobatics specialist, I would probably attend

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I was thinking of doing something HUGE. If you would like to come on board, let me know I would be happy for you to help out. Note that this is not confirmed as happening yet but it’s looking pretty promising.

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I put my self in as a yes on principle, but no garintees since I don’t know when…

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I will for sure :)


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