[Poll] Wing Flex, Landing Smoke or Working Cockpit Instruments

There’s been a lot of talk about wing flex, landing smoke and working instruments, so I know all three would be really appreciated.
But, when you had to choose, what would be first:

  • Wing Flex
  • Landing Smoke
  • Working Cockpit Instruments

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Just wondering.


Hey @Jan_Polet, this is not in guidelines with #features, therefore. This should be in #general.

Working Instruments : Already a Few in the cockpit …

Wing Flex : Don’t really need this for now and could go into the future update waiting list

Landing Smoke : This one would be great as it would bring more realism to the game and others ( on live ) would be able to see this one …

( My opinion )


Sorry @dush19!
Thanks for changing it!

Since some of the aircraft here have an HUD like the one shown in the game, working instruments could be delayed for some time.

Wing flex comes alongside ground effect. Upon landing, vortices (?) produced by the wings can’t make a full “loop”, always crashing against the ground, avoiding an immediate landing (professional required here). So we would need a full redesign of the game physics for us to have that.

I never understood the desire for smoke. Guess I spend most of my time actually flying. When flying live in 1st person view you cannot see your wheels. This might be useful if you prefer solo mode and want to use playback. I guess it might be useful if you also prefer to be a plane spotter watching the runway. Apart from that it is a high development cost for a second of nothingness :)


Many planes don’t even produce smoke when landing.

Also isn’t it bad for your health?

Pieces of burning rubber? Nah! ;)

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I’d say a good amount of commercial aircraft do

True. Not all!

Fully working cockpit would really make cockpit view more usable. Also indicated pitch angle would be nice.

I heard that plane manufacturers are trying to eliminate smoke & tire wear. Possibly by using a small engine to get the wheels spinning to ground speed before touchdown. Vague memory & no source, sorry!


Honestly, I would rather have gear tilt before all of these.


That would be great as well!

Gear tilt is way more realistic! Because then you can have really good 747-400 landings :)


I don’t feel landing smoke is necessary just yet. However being able to see the cockpit instruments moving as in Aerofly 2 would be great! Sorry for bringing a different game up.

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Rain would be great

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I hadn’t realized how much I wanted this until you mentioned it. Thank you!!