[Poll] Wiki For Correct (IRL) Runway Usage

There have been several topics about real life runway usage and ATC using runways “incorrectly”.

I ran into trouble myself recently because of a situation at KSAN that didn’t match real life runway usage. I was in a sequence that was coordinated by an ATC that had left and was confronted with other pilots coming from the opposite direction, following real world procedures. It was messy.

I also see it happen at EHAM a lot.
Using 09 for incoming traffic for example, just because it is a green runway, while in real life that runway is never used that way. It doesn’t even have ILS.

I’ve created a topic about EHAM and runway usage but the information gets lost.

Would it be helpful when a wiki with runway usage information for each airport that it applies to would be created to help maximize reality in IF or would that go to far?

Maybe it could be added to @Kilt_McHaggis’s website?

I would like it and I would definitely check it before flying to an airport I don’t know in real life, which is most of them. :)

  • yes, I think it would be a great tool
  • no, I wouldn’t use it anyway

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Me too. Funny. :)


Would adding this information to your website be an option, @Kilt_McHaggis?


KSAN actually does use runway 09 sometimes, so its not entirely wrong.

Jan it is certainly an option. Since I own the site anything is possible. Some charts actually annotate this e.g. KORD. Problem is these change and I am sure that people would challenge the content. Let me try KORD tonight and you can let me know.


Check Flightradar24 for the actual runway usege at a certain airport.
At least that’s what I do.


MaxSez: If ATIS was active 75% of Rway error and conflict would not exist.


Kind of like a IFFL AFD (airport facilities directory) An AFD is what pilots use IRL. But… the problem like most things here is getting pilots to use it. Makes me crazy when pilots use wrong (red) runways. It happens so often too. 20knt tail wind at LAX and sure enough… someone lands…while everyone else is doing it the right way. You give traffic advisories when no ATC and still gets ignored.

But… of someone wanted to create one, I’d read it. I image they have online versions now to use as an example. Or, just got to the flight shop at a local GA airport and pick one up. They’re pretty cheap as I recall.

It really annoys me seeing aircraft land on the inner runways at KLAX PG.


Been looking at charts on Navigraph. There are some charts which define routes to be taken by taxiways. It would be best for the ATC group to define how they instruct their graduates to flow aircraft in each airport. I would hate to put something out there which is contra to the way the ATC team are directed.


About 90% would like it. 😀


Jan I can mail you the powerpoint files if you would like to mark it up. It would be nice to get one of our APT guys to mark up how THEY operate. I can then publish. If someone was willing to impart that knowledge that would be fantastic!


Hmmm… LAX only uses the inner runways for takeoff? Now that makes more sense to me cause…I would think departures have more time to wait for crossing runway clearance and arrivals need to get to the gates asap so they could hit their on time arrival stats. Departures can make up time in air.

This is all very useful information.
I hope we can collect it all and create a space where it can be found easily.
It would be a great way to simulate real life even more AND prevent issues! ;)

25R/07L and 24L/06R are used for takeoffs. The plane will use the runway closest to their terminal. The inner runways are not only more convenient but also longer.

25L/07R and 24R/06L are used for landings as they are wider. The arrivals have to cross the departure runway unless they are a cargo aircraft using 25L/07R which is located next to the cargo terminal.

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I think I like this idea! I don’t quite understand it yet? Is it a companion app or just a page?

This would be helpful for controllers that control an unfamiliar airport when they are not aware of the real world runway ops.

I know for LAX it is 24R and 25L arrivals, but for EHAM I have no idea!

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It would be great if we could gather much more information like this.

Jan, again this should be driven by our illustrious ATC. There is no point coming up with a method for taxiing to runways if ATC doesn’t stick to it. It would just confuse everyone. I am willing to put maps together but if they are contrary to ATC orders then it would not be much use.