POLL - Who Works in Real Life Aviation?


Seriously though, yeah. We don’t work yet

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Surprised Airport Ground Staff is empty. I definitely know some people and have met people in VA’s that are.


I also think there is a jetBlue Pilot in Virtual Blue.

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I work as an airport ground staff but I could only pick one choice since I’m a private pilot and airport ground staff


What about those who didn’t work in it yet but are a pilot? Unable to choose multiple options.

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I am a cadet in Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

CAP does a lot of search and rescue and aerospace education, and therefore uses a lot of airplanes. I am a part of that mission. I do not exactly work (as in getting paid), but I do volunteer in many different ways that benefit people and aviation.

Meaning you get paid.

Ah! Right, forgot about that technicality. My bad…

It’s been edited appropriately :)

What about Recreational Pilot and also does volunteer work count?

I would love to be a pilot someday and I’m not involved with anything
So, I don’t work in Aviation Yet

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Man that’s really cool. Do u need your own plane or is there a fleet?

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CAP has its own fleet. In fact, it is one of the largest fleets of single-engine piston aircraft in the world.

The planes look like this (my picture)

Wow that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Absolutely! If you ever want to know more about CAP, feel free to PM me!

For people who want to join the world, thoughts?

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