[POLL] Who wants an A318, A319, & A320 celebrations event

You can reply on wich server(s) you want the event.

  • Yes I want an event
  • no I don’t want an event

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Because the other event did not take pleas
The A320 celebration

Your favorite classe Charlie controller Dylan😉

Where do you want the event?

  • Londen
  • socal
  • Amsterdam
  • paris
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • other pleas reply

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Advanced but playground could have it too

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  • ATC Playground
  • Freeflight
  • advance

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Pleas vote I Need more votes
So the most guys didn’t want a big event for the A318 A319 A320?

Okay I think I know enogh no one want a A320 celebration why?

i support this

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This event wil come As FNF is that good?

This should come at an FNF. I suggest EHAM or KSEA.

I’ve had this planned for a long time already. Tyler and I are working on a launch celebration event for a FNF the next Friday after the A-318&319 are released to iOS.
After that another big one for all the new A-318 thru A-321 Vs. the 737 family will be done. Just waiting on the A-321 to get finished and released. :)


Please wait for Apple to release the new update first.