[POLL] Which region should I get?

I don’t know how to do a poll but the choises are:

Denver or Seattle

Seattle filler

  • Seattle
  • Denver
  • Paris
  • London

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Which region has real routes with the planes in IF

Seattle, Alaska Airlines fly Portland / Seattle daily using 737s

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Here is the link on how to make polls for you.

UPS fly the 757 from KPDX to KBFI as part of their route.

Thanks! I am probably going to get the Seattle region

Denver has more real life routes but Seattle is a more interesting and offers more opportunities for flights. Amazing region-Try it out.

Taking the Cessna 208 out for spins in the small airports is amazing.

Ok I might think about the Denver region

Because sometimes there are many planes

London is booooooring (my personal opinion; lots of people do fly there, but as far as versatility and value for money goes, I think it falls quite short; it’s mostly RAF bases, and a couple of civilian airports. You can’t squeeze too much flying time out of one route. Though of course if you fly warbirds like Spitfire, love patterns or short jet hops, that could be something for you).

Seattle or Denver would be my picks; I prefer Seattle because it has the most versatility out of all regions (lots of airports of all shapes and sizes, a wide variety of terrain, capacity for real life routes, a few military and heritage fields - if you want to have a more realistic approach to military ops, - and three Boeing production airfields so those aircraft should feel right at home), but Denver is a close second (lots of challenging mountainous terrain, high altitude airports (which means longer takeoff runs in some cases, for example), and often challenging weather).

So if you haven’t made a decision yet, I’d highly recommend Seattle, - or failing that, Denver.

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Okay I will get the Seattle region

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I have over 300 hours in Seattle alone and still discovering new things to see and do. It never gets boring for me.

I got the Seattle region!

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Nice choice.

Nice choice indeed

Fly with me, to a place you’d never see. It’s filled with wonderful Boeing Wide-bodies. If you want a view of paradise, just have a look around and view it. But nothing too soon.

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