[POLL] Which one is more Challenging?

  • Strong winds
  • super low visibiltiy

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With low visibility you still have your instruments to guide you 😊


Definitely strong winds. Low visibility does not disturb me, I just look on my instruments and try to get safely on the runway.

We need better lighting for low visibility. Anyway I think it’s strong winds.

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If your flying in VFR having low visibility is a challenge, but strong winds are highly threatening!

You can do an ILS approach in low visibility but strong winds is a lot more challenging.

Hehe that question is tough and not to be assumed… for strong winds…and i mean really strong try landing light planes…it can be tough…for low visibility if there isn’t altitude callouts you might end up digging the runway…try it on solo…set visibility to lowest get you 737 ;Approach and hit fly

Strongs winds are definetly more challenging, because at low visibility, you can still look at your instruments. I wonder, why low visibility is challenging for someone?

Strong winds for sure. But if I ever have strong winds and very low visibility, it is not nice.

both are Challenging so can see why some people would find visibility worse than wind (?). However like other if the visibility is bad I am using the instruments to ride her down to the ground. Strong winds, even in a ‘heavy jet’ can be a real challenge!

set ipad to full brightness

open up all the lights in the house

now i can see thru low visiblity

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