[Poll] Which New York Area Airport do you Prefer?

The majority of people don’t agree with this, but I agree strongly, I love United.

But even though United is the best airline in the world, I would still vote for JFK.

Take a look at this topic if anyone is looking at the NYC airports delay wise. JFK vs. LGA

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That one isn’t in NYC

Qatar Airways: Am I a joke to you?

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Yeah, because UA is the best carrier

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EWR is very nice. It’s very easy to get around. I feel JFK is a big airport and the airport long-term parking is so far away from the terminals.

Hehe, say what you want buddy 😉

I’ve flown out of all the terminals at Kennedy except for T2, I’ve been to LGA twice and Newark once. Newark is kinda a mess, and Laguardia is absolutely disgusting right now, here’s to hoping that the renovation projects do some good. T1 at KJFK is decent, T4 is nice, T5 is fantastic, T7 is disgusting, and T8 is really nice, so I’ll have to go with Kennedy. Plus, JFK has all the supers ;)


If I’m arriving domestically I’ll almost always choose LGA but when arriving from overseas I’ll generally choose JFK over Newark.

I arrived at LGA last week, it was a quite old and small airport, like it more than JFK

JFK is not my favorite airport, no shops before security and security itself is terrible… probably depends on inwhich terminal you’re I think.


Unless they drag you off the aircraft…

Except that the incident only happened once from what I know and I’m pretty sure they learned from their mistake…

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I hear Newark and LaGuardia are both dumps that need to be remodeled. But idk

Another airport I like in the NY Area is KHPN. I like it because the airport does many regional flights and is a great airport for business/private jets. Also its where I do my flight training!

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Yesssss KHPN! And KSWF.

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KLGA is a delta hub,KJFK is a JetBlue hub and KEWR is a United hub cool right

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In KEWR terminal A is under construction and is just a mess a dirty. Terminal B is pretty ok terminal B is for international flights. Terminal C is all just for United and it’s very good very clean and not that busy there is no construction and is very clean like I said

JFK is also a delta hub.I personally like JFK because it is JetBlue’s hub👍🏼😘


Don’t forgot about LGA’s new Sister spa @Dillon_Lewis @Dylan_Bright @BluePanda900

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I have to go with EWR because I live 25 minuets away from it and therefore is my main Airport. I’ve been to JFK a few times though and it’s pretty nice. More heavies there

American and Delta are casually sitting in the background saying “what’s going on?”