[Poll] Which New York Area Airport do you Prefer?

I love KJFK, the amount of traffic and ramp views you can get is incredible.

What are your thoughts on the best New York City area airports?

  • KISP - Long Island MacArthur Airport
  • KLGA - LaGuardia Airport
  • KJFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • KEWR - Newark Liberty International Airport

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I’d have to go EWR only because that’s the only one I’ve flown in/out of but it was only a stop over point. Still very clean and efficient.


I like JFK because it’s in the Bee Movie. That’s all I know about the airports.


I like Teterboro the most, I know it’s in New Jersey but so is Newark 🤷‍♂️


Does Teterboro have commercial service?

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I picked LGA because whenever I go to New York MOST the time I land there. Sometimes JFK though, but I’ve only been to those two of the NY airports

Once LGA’s new terminal’s are completely done, I’d say it’ll be my favorite airport… It’s so beautiful, modern, and spacious.

Although, JFK and EWR’s renovation projects do look promising.


@Dylan_M his ones for you. LGA is getting so much better it isn’t that bad any more you can ask Dylan 😉

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Pretty sure it does not have scheduled commercial service.

Nope, just private. If you want to see a ton of $50 million jets, go there.

LGA all the way. The new terminal is insanely cool great spots to terminal spot from. Super clean and modern in the new terminal.


I love those, hopefully I can fly there after the renovation

What about KSWF?

JFK is definitely nicer but LGA is more convenient and in some parts it is indeed nice now. However, while LGA Terminal B might be all new and shiny you can’t forget that a new terminal doesn’t fix the major congestion problem. It does mean that it will be a much better place to wait in when you get delayed though.

I like all 3 airports:

  • KJFK because 3 airlines have KSJC-KJFK
  • KEWR because it has nonstop service to KSJC
  • KLGA because Southwest flies there

LaGuardia Airport. No doubt about it.

The airport is progressively improving. The new Terminal B looks absolutely amazing, it’s making LaGuardia look so much better than in the past.

John F Kennedy Airport I love in terms of air traffic, but almost all the services (ticket counters, security), are extremely poor. The airport is terrible with handling traffic, a massive line of airplanes forms almost all times of the day.

I’m not even going to say anything about EWR and ISP, because they can’t be compared to LGA.


JFK is home. I love the atmosphere in Terminal 4 even though it’s been 8 years since I’ve been there to catch a flight. Terminal 8 is also pretty neat and love crossing the path going to the further concourse. LGA was great when I went and ot like the experiences that many people had, fast security, check-in and everything. But in terms of space and liberty, JFK is a go to. Also the diversity of airlines there is something to note. EWR is just a mess. Only been there twice and never flew out, but United check-in at Terminal C or B, dont rememberwas jumbled up.

I absolutely love KJFK
So many international airlines fly there,
The atmosphere is so nice.
KEWR would be my second choice and KLGA would be my last
(Sorry @Dylan_M 😬)

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@Grizpac will tell you how amazing EWR is.


EWR is a great airport for a couple reasons:

  1. It’s a United (a.k.a. the best airline in the world) hub
  2. There are many flights between Newark and San Francisco with both Alaska and United
  3. Alaska flies Newark to San Jose