POLL: Which jet engined commercial aircraft do you like most?

It won´t be. It´ll be enhanced at some point in time.
Imagine how the designer of the plane would feel if they just told him/her: “the B757 is not popular, we´ll remove it”

That would be unfortunate.
But back in the early 80’s the 757 was one of the hottest items.

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The 777-300ER, My favorite! (Love the GE90!)

Superjet 100

I love the Airbus a380-800, but I like the Airbus a350-900 too, it’s a beautiful aircraft.

747 all day everyday


A350 and A320 family :)!

I like the A319-A321 engines and the MD90’s they have the same ones that like the IAEv2500.