Poll - which iOS version do you use

Not so long ago, Apple iOS went from 8 to 9, and since then several updates have been made available.
More and more I hear people choosing not to upgrade their iOS device because of performance problems, apps that don’t work well anymore, etc.

This forum contains several (old) posts from people reporting issues with the IF app since iOS 9.

So here’s a Poll; what version do you run on your Apple mobile device? And, does it work ok on 9.2.x?
You find the version number in Settings > General > About

  • Older than version 8
  • Version 8.x
  • Version 9.1.x
  • Version 9.2.x - works fine!
  • Version 9.2.x - I have some issues with IF app

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How old is your Apple mobile device?

  • Older than 4 years
  • 3 years old
  • 2 years old
  • 1 year old
  • less than 1 year old

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iOS 8 on a 6+ works well still


iPad Air 2, 9.2.x ( Works fine )

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I use an Ipad 2, I.O.S 9.2.x and works fine.

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IPad mini with retina or mini 2 IOS 9.2.1 constantly crashing (the app that is)

Peter, how old is your device?

4 months old

iOS 9.1, updated to 9 for @lollip

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so this is a near new device with the latest iOS with the IF app regular crashing, right? That must be quite rare I would say. Hope you somehow get this fixed! Tip: consider wiping your device and re-install everything as new. It takes a few hours, but you have a fresh device…

The idea of the poll was to find out which iOS version is most used, without issues.
I would have loved to get an idea on how many ‘old’ devices use 9.2.x without issues, but the poll was not design to get this answer. I may do another one…

Only 4% of people so far use version 8.x. I am one of those, with a one year old iPad. 14% have problems with 9.2.x, but I don’t know how old these devices are. Your’s is quite new, and you have problems…

So far I see now reason to upgrade to version 9.2.x…

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iPod 6
iOS 9.2.1

Works perfectly!
No lag what so ever

9.2. Wish apple would stop bugging me about going to 9.2.1

@dush19 how long did that take?

About a day/

Delete the update so that you aren’t bugged by apple.

iOS7, works like a beast

Android 6.0.1

Why Dushyanth? You’re already on 9.2; why not move to 9.2.1?

It wasn’t that I didn’t want it, I just was too lazy to install it.

@azeeuwnl he was under the impression I didn’t want it :)

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Thanks for voting and commenting everyone.

I have closed the poll.
For now I will stay with my 1 yr old iPad mini on iOS 8 :-)

I use a 64gb IPad Mini 4 that is about 1-2 months old.

Me too but in IPhone 6S - IOS9.2