[POLL] Which Aircraft Should I Transition To?

Which aircraft should i transition to the 747 or the 777??

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Which aircraft are you flying now?

I think the 747 is more realistic, the 777 still needs some work.

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If you’re searching for realism you should choose one of the A320s.


Im flying the 737

The 747 is harder to control, and I’ve never used the 777. Try the 717.

Misrael102 you should go into the B777 my favorite Aircraft besides the MD-11

If you want a nice Cockpit, a Challenge and lots of fun pick the 747. The Triple Seven is a beast too although I don’t consider it “special” anymore since you see it often.

717 is the hardest to control in IF

the a321 has next gen cockpits and its the newest aircraft along with the (a318/9/20)