[Poll] Where should we go next?

I know this might be a repeat topic but I want to make a poll of where we should go next. I’m getting really sick of flying from San Diego to San Clemente.

  • Amsterdam
  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Oshkosh
  • NorCal
  • Singapore & Kaula Lumpar
  • (We should stay at SoCal)
  • Sydney
  • Other (Comment Below)

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I’m slightly confused as to what you mean. Would you care to elaborate on what you mean?

Well, where we should go (flying/ATC) next.

This still does not have clear sense. Are you saying which region you want to be busiest next on the ATC Playground server?

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Yes, exactly. I thought I made that clear.

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Yes, I can, but I don’t like the fact that our traffic is in the same regions.

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No. You didn’t.

It’s really a matter of where people enjoy. Different people like different things. Southern California is really popular on the ATC Playground because it is so diverse. The ATC Playground probably has the most users, each with their own opinions of what is best. SoCal fits a lot of people’s needs. It has big international airports that are capable of handling the largest of aircraft, small international airports for short-haul hops across the countryside, a vast array of military bases and landing strips to fit the speed freaks, Beautiful and scenic airports perched on mountains and hidden in the valleys (I have elaborated this so much because I love these airports most). L35 is probably the most popular of small airports, although it’s beauty is unknown to many. Then there are the ranches. The only person who I can think of that possibly likes these is @Maxmustang. Paired with the blab le I went on with, SoCal is pretty big. That’s why people like it.

No other region has this much to offer, but soon SoCal will be left for somewhere else. London is pretty popular, and it’s popularity is constantly growing.

No, I was just frustrated when I didn’t get my 💵.

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Ok, well then … I was just suggesting a different place. No need for that big reply …

I don’t like SoCal, so it’s unusual for me to be nice about it. I’d love to see more activity in SanFran, Oshkosh, Paris, Charlotte and Chicago on the Advanced server though.


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@PlanesForLife… MaxSez… The thrust of your Post was clear to me Planes, ignore the peanuts. I chose Other because you left out the great US northwest., Seattle Region. It’s got everything, mountains, Rivers to follow, a coast line and two great “B’s”, SeaTac is a favorite. As I said yesterday when you pay for Live you expect diversity and service in all reasons on both the PG & Advance. As long as ATC continually staff favorite “B’s” like SoCal, London and the Carib the moths will go to those flames. Pilots regional selection will always depend on ATC staffing. The ball is in ATC’s court on this one, they need to establish a regional rotating staffing schedule and publish it. PPPP leads to dissatisfaction!

Like @Maxmustang said Seattle is a great place to fly for Jet lovers and prop lovers. You got the mountain ranges for mountain flying. Also home of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. Then I would say Denver is also a great place because the mountains and home of the city Aspen and its approach. The approach is very challenging for some and others can do it well. The only issue I have with Denver is that the elevation is raised so you have to do approach calculations with the AGL altitude because the MSL measurements are a bit higher than usual. Correct me if I’m wrong on the last part.

If you get a group of people to open up atc in a region i bet people will join and also announce on forum

The New York region doesn’t get a lot of attention, people should fly there more often honestly. :)

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does anyone use the Paris region or the Singapore

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