[Poll] When is your IF Flight time?

Pick your most frequently flown time period, in Zulu time, from the list.

  • 0001Z ~ 0200Z
  • 0201Z ~ 0400Z
  • 0401Z ~ 0600Z
  • 0601Z ~ 0800Z
  • 0801Z ~ 1000Z
  • 1001Z ~ 1200Z
  • 1201Z ~ 1400Z
  • 1401Z ~ 1600Z
  • 1601Z ~ 1800Z
  • 1801Z ~ 2000Z
  • 2001Z ~ 2200Z
  • 2201Z ~ 0000Z

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I’d say make it multiple choice


That’s why it’s single choice :)

But to me, there’s no fixed “two hour” period where I’m frequent, get it?

I guess you’ll have to choose the one you prefer, then ;)

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Well done… If you would make it a multiple choice poll, it would be better.


How could I do that?

Alrighty, sorry if I sounded harsh but here it is:

[poll type=multiple] instead of the usual [poll] and everything else is the same :)

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Well, I guess I can’t edit the poll now… Sorry if I sounded arrogant, too.

Alright no worries… I’d say the only option is to close this one and open a new multiple choice one and keep the mods informed of your intention

Sounds troublesome so I thought maybe you should consider

Well, there are some people already participated to the poll… so I think I should keep this

Alright, but I won’t be voting as well, I gave my reason 😂

Anyways it’s 2300Z to 1500Z for me :)

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You could always make a new poll instead. Even I could make one myself even though I’m not going to.

16-24Z for me in week

This would be nice for people who frequently organize events

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Yeap it (the poll) was suggested by @Alan_Perez

You’re supposed to learn Zulu time so interpreting other timezones’ times would be way easier! Psst, my time on my phone is in Zulu! ✌

That why I deleted my post!

Im that kind of reader that skips 1/2 of the post and goes straight to the pole :(

Lol I didn’t see you delete your post when I replied to your post :P

Anyways it’ll be really beneficial if you learn Zulu time! :D

Slowly learning!