[POLL] what time setting do you usually use

I know there Is another post about this but that was from before global came out and is really old now, since global there was a new time setting added “Current time” and since it is a spectrum of time now the answers can be a lot more diverse. I usually set it to current time because I think live time just adds more realism to it. What do you guys do with the time?

  • Sunrise
  • Noon
  • Sunset
  • Night
  • Current
  • Other (Specific time, please reply if so)

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I use current time, unless is night, then I set to sunset/rise whatever is closest and taxi with that, once holding short I go back to current time for the whole flight until arriving at my destination, then changing it again if it’s night and I need to taxi.


Current Time cause ®️ealism…

This would probably be better sorted if there was a poll this way the “time setting” compiled is all kept in the topic creation no?


yes but since the time is a slider now people might want to make it specific although I could include an “other” option

Only current time. No point in simulation if not real-time

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Until you can’t find your way to the runway because it’s too dark 🤣.

I use current time unless taxing.

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Turn on brightness, use airport diagrams. Works for me. Also I use outside camera.

Current for flying, noon for taxi.
(My screen protector is quite reflective compared to the normal iPad screen)

funny story they’ve actually improved the darkness issue for me, I don’t have trouble taxiing at night anymore

Just making a joke of it. I like to be sure of where I’m going visually so I don’t make a wrong turn as we don’t have markers. Bet I could do it, but just a little less comfortable. :)

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I’ll take the #realism 😏


Same. Going to do that until legit taxi/landing lights are added.

Use the same as you, #realism as much as possible without me having to squint 😂

I generally use noon if the area I’m flying in is at night. I think flying at night looks ugly and unrealistic without lights and stuff.

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Always Current Time no matter what, #Realism here as well ;P

Even in the darkest days, with no full moon to guide my way, in the loneliest place on earth, i still keep it current, even at night, that’s why i taxi wrong sometimes :P

Current time for me. At night I manage to taxi just fine.

Night, unless the flight is a short haul, to reduce strain on my device.

I use most of the time noon I cant see anything in the dark (in this game) due that Im colorblind 😂

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If its night when im taxing, I just sit in my dark cupboard and that solves the issue.

Basically find a dark room/space and you will be able to see the taxiways better.

Current all the way I want the conditions as they are but sometimes as it’s pitch black I have to turn to noon for taxi or after landing