[POLL] What should I do (What would you do) in this circumstance?

Flying on expert, in a 208. Take of from KBFI and join the sequence for KSEA (which is IFATC Approach controlled).

I get sent to hold, then sent north. I eventually get routed back and told to descend to 3k and head 160. I comply. So I am popping along heading 160, and I get told to “Turn Right heading 160.” I replied Roger turn right heading 160, and just stayed course, which was already 160.

2 minutes later I get told to “Turn Left heading 160.” Meanwhile I have been heading 160 the entire time. So when I look at the GPS traffic, it looked like it was a spacing move. So I reply Roger turn left heading 160, and I start my turn.

1/3rd into a nice slow proper spacing turn, and I get told to follow instructions or I will be ghosted.

So what should I have done, and what would you do?

  • Do a 360 degree turn left, back to 160
  • Stay heading 160
  • Ask ATC to repeat last instruction
  • Other

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Which direction is automatically decided by the system, atc just drags to where they want you to head. I imagine they wanted you to just keep going straight. If you know who was on ATC you could PM them.

This is a known error, caused by the ATC system

Continue heading 160. If you got ghosted just take screenshots of your ATC log and aircraft heading and head to the support category.

Continue at 160…

But next time, try to takeoff at least 20nm away from the airport if you’re flying to it, Especially if it is A: IFATC controlled B: Busy

It helps us controllers out a lot more than you think


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