[POLL] What should I buy next?

Hello! I’m planning on buying something. But I don’t know what! It’s either get the 737-800 (has some of my fave liveries) or wait for global (haven’t got much money left). So what should i do? Comment down below why. Thanks guys! 😄

  • Global
  • 737-800

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I would go with global… Im doing the same thing


I’ll get global, but only if I can play it offline.


Even though I love the 737-800, stick stick with global.


Just pick Global the 737 isn’t worth buying . Global will be worth it.

Literally no one has voted for the 737. 😂

737, Global doesn’t even have an ETA as far as I know.

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Unfortunately I don’t think global will be an offline feature, but there is a very good chance that it will be.

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Better titles please. Being a regular, you should know how to add understandable titles

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Global Flight obviously.

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Ok sorry ☺️

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Extreme Landings manages… 😕

I agree 😐``````

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I’d wait for global.

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Global probably will be 50 $. Not 5.

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Who knows when global is coming. I’d just get the 737 now since its only $5 and a lot of time while probably elapse before global comes out, allowing you to save money for it.

Think about would you rather go for one plane that costs 3.99 or get every single airport in global for like 50.00

I say 737 because global isnt out now and its not coming in the next few weeks…well I dont know when but still.Also, saving your money would be a better idea for global.

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Yes it may take some time for global but even if you don’t spend 3.99 it’s still something to someone that’s less fortunate

The 4% who voted for the 738…😶

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