Poll: What should be the next Southwest Airlines "State" livery? (Final voting round)

As you guys may know, Southwest Airlines is pretty popular for their “state liveries,” twelve planes that are painted to reflect the flag of their prospective state.
Lousiana One
Tennessee One
Arizona One
Florida One
Lone Star One
Colorado One
Illinois One
Nevada One
Maryland One
New Mexico One
Missouri One
California One

My question is: which state should they do next?
In the first two rounds, New York and Hawaii won. Now you can vote for what the better of the two is!

  • New York
  • Hawaii

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Have fun voting!


Georgia should’ve made the finals…they have a huge operation in Atlanta…


Well… obviously the voters thought differently. Too bad…

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Hawaii would make sense as Southwest is pretty new to the market. Would be great promotion!

Interesting results so far, thanks!

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Yes I totally agree!!

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c’mon Hawaiii

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I honestly feel like New York deserves some love because I think that Hawaii is a small state and the ATC doesn’t visit hawaii a whole lot.

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They should do a North Carolina one.

This has nothing to do with ATC. All airports class Delta and up have ATC during operational hours. Hawaii is something very new for Southwest, and they may want to get their name out that they fly to Hawaii now

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Now that i’m thinking about it. I would agree with you now. Hawaii doesn’t get a lot from Southwest.

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