[POLL] What planes should I have in my fleet?

I’m going to be creating a VA. Suggestions to what plane I should have. I don’t want to have all of them because that’s not realistic. But I don’t know which ones should I have? Thanks guys!😄
Comment below any specific planes (777-200ER as example)

  • ERJ-195
  • Dash 8
  • 787-9/8/10
  • 777’s
  • 767/757
  • 747-2/4/8
  • 737’s
  • 717
  • A380
  • A340/30
  • Airbus A321/20/19/18
  • Cessna’s

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A318 for sure, nice ACJ liveries.

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What va is it for? I’ll take a guess: BA?


Nope. A made up one. It’s still under construction. And I’m creating it!

Simply The Best, Take To The Skies! Welcome To King Wing Airlines! (KWA)


Also a free plane like 737-700 or A321 would be nice, more people would be able to join.


Exactly what I thought!

Good luck from us!

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Thank you!

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