[POLL] What is your vote on the new aircraft announcement?

Read BEFORE voting!!!
I’m bored and I want to hear other people’s opinions. Understand that this is NOT to complain about what FDS is adding in their new update. Instead give them support and have some positivity! This is ONLY a poll to see what you think. Have in mind that FDS will NOT change their decision.
Sorry if there is a similar thread; I searched and couldn’t find one like it

Anyways, do you like what FDS is adding in their new update? (Personally I do because it adds more variety of aircraft to choose from!)

  • Yes
  • Somewhat
  • No

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It will always be an absolute yes from me no matter the update. That’s just how impressive FDS is.


Can I please get a link to the aircraft announcements? (I know what is happening though)

Sorry thanks.

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yea I have see no announcement and if there was wouldn’t it be pinned?

Take a look at this courtesy of Balloonchaser


Who wouldn’t appreciate what FDS is able to do on Mobile? They are doing a PC quality flight sim on a mobile platform. That alone is amazing


Unless it’s an update we wait 5 months for and it ends up being 2 Minor Bug Fixes. 😂

But FDS has done amazing work with this game. I will of course vote a yes because the CRJ is one of my favorite Aircraft and it’s finally here that FDS has done an outstanding, fantastic job on the CRJ.

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Minor or major I love to see improvement on any scale, so simple hotfixes count too 😊


Same as me!! I love every update FDS gives us!

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I really love FDS, I think it’s great to see a G.A. and a military aircraft on the horizon. I really find amazing the amount of quality and passion the entire team puts into this sim.

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Ofcourse it will be better. Addition of various aircrafts is awesome. I just think we need a better quality on the A380,A340 and the boeing heavies just like we have on 787 and the CRJ

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It will always be a yes no matter the update, FDS has created the best simulator on mobile out there, why complaint about it.


Awesome update. Can’t wait to fly that prop.

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Sorry for bumping this up. I just want to give my opinion on this.

Me, as a commercial plane type of pilot, I cannot help but feel really excited for the new TBM. Something about this upcoming plane is just getting me really hyped.

This morning when Misha announced that the update is coming very soon and @HadenJohnson started the TBM Video thread a few days ago, I cannot help myself not going to the App Store and sliding down in the updates tab to REFRESH.

Also this morning, Mark told me how great of an aircraft the TBM is and it got me even more hyped as I learned that this turboprop plane can fly up to FL310! Mr. Denton, if you are seeing this, thanks. You just got me even more hyped for this update.


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