[POLL] what is your favorite type of flight to do In infinite flight

  • Long Haul
  • Medium Haul
  • Short Haul

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Just wanna see what people prefer here :)


Long haul…only when the sim doesn’t crash.


I personally like short hauls due to the fact that they don’t take up much of your time and they are usually scenic routes. The longest flight I’ve ever done was about 1:08 hours long. I also prefer short hauls as you can be creative in where you want to go and what you want to see. I’m not hating on long hauls for they are incredibly beautiful and you can see most of the world without having to do multiple short flights.

P.S.-Don’t forget that long hauls are better for gaining XP…that’s why I’m only at grade 2 :(


I love long haul flights like KLAX to RJTT because I can sleep through them and wake up on approach, and because they rack up to 5,000 to 6,000 XP!


Normally do 1-3 hour flights or 8-11 hour flights. Nothing really in between.


Agreed, its either stay up and do it or sleep through it and see if your partents turned off your ipad…


Lol why would your parents turn off your Ipad if they can clearly see its still in use?

Because they never look unless i tell them.

My mom thought I accidentally forgot to turn it off during my first long haul. I got really upset when I found my iPad powered off in the kitchen when I woke up 😞


XD have they ever turned it off for you in the middle of a long haul? if they did it must suck, ive had times where I did a 9 hour flight and the app crashed when I was about to touch down RIP

I know! Thats so upsetting! 😫


Well, not yet, but I’m speculating they will sometime or another…

go paranoid style its time to sleep with one eye open and put security camaras everywhere and security alarms when somebody goes near your ipad, put it in the middle of a lazer security system XD you can never be to sure :P

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Lol I agree but lets get this back on topic before we get flagged!

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the longest at least 2,5 hours, but mostly the 1-1,5 hours flight only… really want to do long hauls but I only have 1 device and I need it for other things too :|

What about step climb?

Long hauls because you can realistically fly larger airplanes that would actually be operated on that route(not hating, just saying how I personally like to do it myself) and there is that novelty of flying for hours and hours looking at the beautiful scenery and seeing what this mobile simulator is capable of. My longest is 16 hours.

Maybe you could takeoff and then go to bed and then when you wake up land the plane again? That’s what I do.

I just take a direct ascent, no step climbing.


I did that couple of times but I always missed my wake up alarm and ended up hundred of miles away from my actual destination so I think not going to do that again hahaha…