Poll: What is your favorite and least favorite feature?

This is a poll to find out what you like best in Infinite Flight…

Wing Flex is pretty cool

I don’t have a least favorite I like it all. And the developers have done a great job so far…

And the poll?

I don’t know how to set one up so I was using comments as the poll

This is opinion based. You can’t make a poll based on that

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How do you make a poll

My favorite is hopefully going to be wing flex, and my least favorite, or lack of is you can’t replay in live 😭

Click the little setting thing in the comments and click on poll builder. The rest is self explanatory

Okay thanks

Favorite Feature


Least Favorite Feature

Playground, or what ever the new update called it

  • Wing Flex
  • New Aircraft
  • Accurate Sounds
  • 4K Graphics
  • Locations
  • Live
  • New Updates
  • Etc…

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Poll has been created.

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They added new sounds?

I was talking about past updates. Sorry

Least favourite: most things are Inapp purchases

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