[Poll] What Bug needs the most work on fixing

Now we have so many bugs in Infinite Flight but there are some major Bug which make our lives miserable. Which one do you think needs fixing the most? Which one is more common and bad?

The bug threads are below:

  • Ground Sliding/Shuddering
  • Unable to change callsign (At Menu)
  • App Crashing
  • “Now we can say Infinite Flight”
  • Airport layout bugs (Wrong Runways, no lines ect.-)

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Ground sliding has to be fixed, its the absolute worst thing in the sim right now.


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I don’t know how some people put up with it. It is awful.

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App Crashing

You can’t get any vaguer than that. If you experience a crash you can reproduce (i.e. follow a series of steps to successfully make the app crash again), then create a thread in #bugs showing these steps. Otherwise it could be anything from low memory, CPU throttling…

Ground Sliding/Shuddering

This is a very known issue, and hasn’t been fixed simply because it isn’t easy (this is caused by a limitation of how processors work, other games/apps can experience similar issues if numbers are not worked with as efficiently as possible). Rest assured, solutions are actively being worked on for this since it is a bug that also annoys the developers :)

Airport layout bugs (Wrong Runways, no lines ect.-)

As you’re probably aware, maintaining airport data is a community effort (the airport editing team I run is setup for that purpose). Most major airports should be pretty accurate, but we listen to any reports you make - don’t hesitate to start a thread for a particular airport that needs some work, but just remember to be specific (i.e. don’t say “there are broken lines at the airport” - give as much detail as possible to help us address this as soon as we can).


This is really just checking, which one most people are affected upon…

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