[Poll] What are your favorite seating charts?

What is your favorite seating charts?
Airbus a330

Airbus a380

Boeing 777-200

Boeing 757

Boeing 767

Boeing 717

Boeing 787

Boeing 747

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  • Airbus a380
  • Boeing 747

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Sorry to be blunt, but…

1: I don’t know.
2: I kinda don’t care.
3: It doesn’t matter…

  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 757

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  • Boeing 787
  • Airbus a330

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  • Boeing 717
  • Boeing 777

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It’s OK everybody is different

Someone just discovered how to make a poll…


What’s the actual point of this topic. Not trying to be rude, and I’m sorry if anyone takes offense to this, but this topic, is about seating charts?

If you want to test your polls, there is a topic in the Meta category:

It’s old, but its still open and useful.


I recommend testing polls in PMs, that way no one sees them and it doesn’t bump old/useless topics. You can PM yourself, I do it to test things.


Very interesting and unusual topic but I feel this will become a topic full of polls so please refer to the linked topics above to post your polls so mods can close this topic, thanks for sharing!

No, the #test category has been retired ages ago.

You can’t reply to any of the threads nor create topics in it. So we don’t too off topic here, PM me if you have anything further.

I don’t have many options to my favorite seating charts. I’ve only flown narrow-bodies.


The seat that doesn’t make my butt hurt.

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I swear the community has run out of ideas…


Considering the ‘seating charts’ are customised by each airline upon purchase from the manufacturer (and often changed during an overhaul / upgrade), and not just standardised as per the pictures above, there is no accurate way to actually answer the question you pose.


Actually, no. You can no longer reply to #test categories. It was closed long ago.

No probs braddah this isn’t testing I’m looking to know favorite seating charts because I would like to see how others feel about this.

I’m sorry but I really feel like this is the stupidest topic I’ve seen in a while. Cough cough my favourite is cough cough A380 cough cough


The favorite is the a380 that’s why I made the option and thanks for the feedback 😁

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Any RJ. Why? Cause I can sit by myself.

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