Poll: Wait or 25% chance of virus

  • Wait for the app update for 3 days with no virus
  • Get the app update the minute it’s released and have a 25% chance of the files being infected.

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Would you rather wait for the update for 3 days with no virus or get the update the minute it’s released and have a 25% chance of the files being infected?

I don’t know why it would have a virus or something corrupted but if that’s the case, I rather wait for a while.

Well it’s FDS so I trust them enough that they would infect our devices so I’m going with now because I know there wouldn’t be


Must your title be that long?

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I have an Apple device. If I am part of the 25% with a virus, I’d delete it, get rid of the virus, and wait 3 days for the safe file. If I don’t get the virus, then I get the update the minute it comes out. Fool proof


What he said ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️


I wouldn’t think there would be a virus. FDS wouldn’t do that to us…

I know, just wondering. They wouldn’t do that to us.

Fixed, I’m half-awake so sorry if I make a mistake

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The Apple App Store approval wait times are there to ensure that apps are “…reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material. We review every app submitted based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria.” Apple gets hundreds if not thousands of app updates every day and it takes time to make sure that every single app that is submitted follows their strict guidelines. Those guidelines are there for your safety and to ensure a great experience on your iOS device. Rest assured knowing that “On average, 50% of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90% are reviewed in 48 hours.”.

We iOS users will be very happy very soon.

EDIT: Forgot to cite my source 😊 https://developer.apple.com/support/app-review/


I’m expecting that review to be very fast than before!

I sense jealousy.

And FYI all of these updates get beta tested on both android and ios devices thoroughly by multiple users. So the chances of virus or bug making it to the public version are very, very small.

There is no virus.